Create a "Swift Infrastructure" category

It would be nice to have a category that pertains to topics about the Swift infrastructure.

A few topics that don’t really fit anywhere right now and would be better posted in such a category are:

Would that make sense?

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/cc @mishal_shah @mishal_shah @Nicole_Jacque @najacque

+1, here are some more examples:

The “Site Feedback” category could/should then probably be a subcategory of that category as well.

Mhmm, not sure about that. I think that the forum is not part of what I would describe as “Swift infrastructure”. But I am sure someone will define this and it’ll be fine with me.


We already have JIRA and a mailing list ( for tracking/reporting infrastructure issues-- I’m not sure if we need a separate category unless we think there’s going to be a fair amount of posts for it. How about we keep an eye on it, and if this seems to be something there’s an appreciable number of posts for, we can create one?

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