Create a program that executes a URL at a certain time

I need to create a program that I enter a specific time. When the time comes, execute a video of a URL. I have tried things with swift but they are obsolete. Would anyone know how to program it with swift?

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I'm sorry, but your question is a bit vague. What exactly to you mean by "execute a video of a URL"? Are you trying to play a video that the URL points to?

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I found a package that seems to provide an interface to cron from Swift: GitHub - rymcol/SwiftCron: SwiftCron is meant to make scheduling and repeating functions easy in Swift in macOS and Linux

You could start by looking at its implementation, or even using it directly.

edit: I found him! CC @rymcol

This question was also asked over on the Apple developer forums, and Quinn is dealing with it over there. (The platform is iOS, so cron-based solutions aren't possible.)