Crash in generic struct

(J.E. Schotsman) #1

OK, I've reported bugs SR-1414 and SR-1415

BTW I tried adding a dummy Int parameter to the initializer so as to make the signature more different from the memberwise init but that didn't help.
I suppose I can explicitly restore the default and memberwise intializers if necessary.

Jan E.


On May 5, 2016, at 7:00 PM, Ryan Lovelett wrote:

That number looks like a radar issue. Swift bugs typically take the form

I don't work at Apple (nor do many people on this mailing list).
Therefore we cannot see the contents of that bug report.

Once again I suggest you file an issue at as that is the
OSS community tracker.

As for losing the default initializer; I understand that may occur. I
was pointing out that it was my simple way of validating the syntax. It
may or may not work as a "work-around". It would appear it does not for