Couldn't build C module 'SwiftShims'

:0: error: could not build C module 'SwiftShims'

I have already followed the instructions and completely restarted 5 times. What is going on!

My guess is that the instructions were not followed precisely. This indicates that the (correct) Visual Studio Build Tools were not installed prior to the Swift installation. As a result the module map is either not installed or the wrong version of the tools are being selected.

I would uninstall swift, and then reinstall from the command line using .\installer.exe /lv*x and look through the logs to determine wat is happening during the deployment phase.

Alternatively follow the instructions to manually deploy the module map files.

Can you please explain the steps I would need to do to complete this?

The manual approach is documented in the getting started/installation instructions on

For further investigating the installation issue, .\installer.exe /lv*x should be sufficient for producing the necessary logs for determining what happened during the deployment process.

I am sorry but that is the issue, I have done every guide for windows that is listed. I am not sure how to do what the .\installer.exe thing is.