Problem with CoreML:

zsh: segmentation fault xcrun coremlcompiler generate --language Swift TabRegLoanModel.mlmodel Source
cc@mac-mini-c % more Sources/TabRegLoanModel.swift
// TabRegLoanModel.swift
// This file was automatically generated and should not be edited.
import CoreML
/// Model Prediction Input Type
@available(macOS 10.13, iOS 11.0, tvOS 11.0, watchOS 4.0, *)
class TabRegLoanModelInput : MLFeatureProvider {

/// Taux10 as double value
var Taux10: Double

===== generated stop here ! upon segfault !

Can somebody help or have some ideas .... Thanks !

This is a question about CoreML, not Swift, and you're much more likely to get an answer on the Apple developer forums or by reporting the failure via Feedback Assistant.

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