Coordinating a potential Swift 4.2-only SwiftNIO release with Vapor

Hi Vapor community,

SwiftNIO is thinking about making a Swift 4.2-only release as soon as Swift 4.2 is released for "reasons". Currently, we're trying to gauge how our clients (like Vapor) would deal with that as deprecating Swift 4.0 & 4.1 support can be considered SemVer major.

That raises a few questions:

  • would Vapor need to release a new major version in order to pick up a Swift 4.2-only SwiftNIO release?
  • how fast after the Swift 4.2 release could you release such a version?
  • any better ideas how to deal with this?

The reason I ask is that we're trying to avoid the situation where we are developing new SwiftNIO versions that others can't pick up because they need to support older Swift versions.

Other suggestions more than welcome!

Many thanks,

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Ok, we can close this, all good now. This warning will now only be active in the -swift-language 4.2 mode so as soon as that's implemented SwiftNIO shouldn't hit that compilation warning. So back to the original plan :+1:.

more details in this thread: Thoughts about releasing SwiftNIO 2.0.0 together with Swift 4.2 and making it 4.2 only - #14 by johannesweiss