Console Error Messages from ChatBot.xcodeproj

Hey All,

So, I'm going through the Apple Education book "Develop in Swift Explorations Teacher Guide Xcode 13" and it links to a "teacher" zip file of projects. One of which is "ChatBot.xcodeproj"

So, I build and run the project without changing a single character, and it functions as it should...


The console output has some error messages.

Now, I know they don't effect the functioning of the app.

But what if I get a Boss someday who says, "I want zero errors, zero warnings in the console."

I guess for the specifics of my question here, I'm asking what exactly each piece of the error message means. There are lots of codes and (process IDs?) (memory addresses?) in there that I'm not familiar with and have not yet been given a reference to look up things for. It's all Greek to me at this point.

So, yeah, how would you analyze the system error messages here marked with [Assert] and [Warning]. And what do the pieces of the system messages mean, please? Any good references out there to interpret these messages?

Thank you for your time.


2023-01-27 21:20:50.434946-0800 ChatBot[1640:59062] [Assert] UINavigationBar decoded as unlocked for UINavigationController, or navigationBar delegate set up incorrectly. Inconsistent configuration may cause problems. navigationController=<UINavigationController: 0x12a021600>, navigationBar=<UINavigationBar: 0x128508190; frame = (0 44; 0 50); opaque = NO; autoresize = W; layer = <CALayer: 0x60000202f5e0>> delegate=0x12a021600
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2023-01-27 21:20:59.506524-0800 ChatBot[1640:59062] [Warning] Warning once only: Detected a case where constraints ambiguously suggest a height of zero for a table view cell's content view. We're considering the collapse unintentional and using standard height instead. Cell: <ChatBot.ThinkingCell: 0x129863e00; baseClass = UITableViewCell; frame = (0 115.333; 393 50); clipsToBounds = YES; autoresize = W; layer = <CALayer: 0x6000020899e0>>
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