Complete developer?

Hi, I heard that when I learn swift basics. I should be classified in a certain department in swift. Is it right?. That's mean no one can be a complete developer in any programming language. I don't even know it's right or wrong. Is being a good developer to be perfect in a certain department in any language?

The answer is probably no, but it's not clear what you mean by "classified in a certain department".

Me too I don’t know what’s mean to classified in certain department. Okay, If i create a game. Can i be only swift developer? I know it’ll take along of time but i can or not. All i want to say when a company create an app it have alot of developers all of them do the same thing (Coding) to make the app finish faster or every team do certain part that they understand and can’t do anything else in the app. I’m bad in English :neutral_face:

I'm not entirely certain, but I suspect the implication was that you could be "certified", not "classified", in swift. If Certification is what you heard about - that is intended to be a process where you've proven you have some basic level of comfort and competence with a specific skill - in this case, that skill may be "developing software with swift".

"Being a good developer" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people - you would likely be a better developer as you continue to learn more and different languages, but (to me) it is not a requirement to be a "good developer".

Talk further with the folks where you learned about "classified" (or perhaps "certified") and I suspect you will find more detail from them on what they were sharing.

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