Compiler does not resolve inheritance of alias type

I am encountering a weird bug lately, while trying to conform a class to a given protocol the compiler rejects the typealias declaration.
My code looks like this:

/// Protocol from CareKit
public protocol OCKTaskViewSynchronizerProtocol: OCKAnyTaskViewSynchronizerProtocol {

    associatedtype View: UIView & OCKTaskDisplayable

    func makeView() -> View
    func updateView(_ view: View, context: OCKSynchronizationContext<OCKTaskEvents?>)

/// My own protocol
protocol ConditionalTaskViewProtocol: UIView, OCKTaskDisplayable, OCKEventUpdatable {

/// class that should conform to `OCKTaskViewSynchronizerProtocol`
/// Error gets thrown here:
/// Type 'ConditionalTaskViewSynchronizer<First, Second>' does not conform to protocol 'OCKTaskViewSynchronizerProtocol'"
class ConditionalTaskViewSynchronizer<First: ConditionalTaskViewProtocol, Second: ConditionalTaskViewProtocol>: OCKTaskViewSynchronizerProtocol {
    typealias View = ConditionalTaskViewProtocol

    let condition: () -> Bool

    public init(condition: @escaping () -> Bool) {
        self.condition = condition

    func makeView() -> View {
        if condition() {
            return First()
        } else {
            return Second()

    func updateView(_ view: View, context: OCKSynchronizationContext<OCKTaskEvents?>) {
        view.updateWith(event: context.viewModel?.firstEvent, animated: context.animated)

The fix that the compiler suggests is to conform the type of the typealias View to UIView. But I already conformed ConditionalTaskViewProtocol to both UIView and OCKTaskDisplayable.

Am I missing something here?

Help would be highly appreciated!

View needs to be a concrete type that inherits from UIView and conforms to OCKTaskDisplayable.

Thanks for the fast response @suyashsrijan!

But to be honest I am not quite sure how I can replace the protocol with a concrete type at that point.
I specifically used a protocol to be able to conform specific views to it and then present them based on a specified condition. Can I achieve the same functionality with a concrete type of some sorts?

I think you need to transform:

protocol ConditionalTaskViewProtocol


class ConditionalTaskView

which is the concrete class you need. Declaring it as a class makes it derive from UIView, which the framework wants. Then, First and Second are defined as sub-classes of ConditionalTaskView.

If you look at your “makeView” method, it returns two different types (First or Second) depending on whether the condition is true or false. That needs to become a single return type.

That single view type can be generic, and can simply host one of the given views, full-size, depending on the condition. So basically you sink that logic down to the view.