Compile Swift source code in xcode and support architecture arm64 or armv7

hi everybody, I have recently encountered a problem. I want to compile the swift source in xcode, but the swift.xcodeobj generated by the script "./swift/utils/build-script --clean --xcode --release-debuginfo --debug-swift" only supports macosx- X86_64, how can I get him to support iOS arm64.


I'm not sure if you can generate an Xcode project that supports building the libraries for iOS; you might have to use the script for that. But you should try invoking build-script with --ios.

That's correct: the Xcode project does not support building the iOS libraries in our current CMake setup. You'll have to use Ninja for that (the default behavior without --xcode).

EDIT: A number of us have both builds set up so that we can edit in Xcode but build with Ninja.

Thank you for your answer, which helped me very well.

i tryed but if build with xcode --ios can not build success

Okay. Then you'll probably have to use a ninja build from the command line to build the iOS libraries.

hah, maybe, but now I resolved this problem,thank you for your help

how you solve your issue?i have got this issue.

Can you tell me how you solved this problem?