Color of scheduled proposal

The evolution status page seems to use the same color for Scheduled and Active reviews. We should change one of them.

I tried to raise an issue on GitHub, but it doesn't seem to be available (they probably disable it), so I don't know where to raise the issue. If it's not appropriate here, please remove it.

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The status colors look like they come from this CSS file, near the end:

I'm not sure how we prefer to track issues with the status page, since I've only helped with some of the backend parts of that page. It looks like @Clashsoft made some changes to those colors in September — maybe they could help?

Hi, yes I made some changes to the CSS back then to add a dark theme, but the status colors were left unchanged. Here's the discussion. @Lantua, I think you should just create a PR that changes the color and see what the maintainers think :slight_smile:

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