[Code Completion] Show async for properties with `async get`

I'm not totally sure this is a compiler (lib/IDE for CodeCompletion) or an Xcode feature. But my guess is the the basics from something like this comes from compiler support in anyways so that is why posting this here under compiler flag.

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 21.41.45

Considering the screenshot bellow, I was wondering if it would be useful for code completion to show that result is an get async in some way like for example the bellow for an async function getResult is shown on the side.

To me looks like something useful to differentiate right away get async from normal properties.
So the question is if would something like this make sense? Or let me know if there is anything I am missing

cc @ahoppen @rintaro

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Yes, result should definitely be reported as async here. Could you file a bug report for this issue at Issues · apple/swift · GitHub? :pray:

Nevermind filing a bug report, I just fixed this: [CodeCompletion] Annotate variables with effectful getters by ahoppen · Pull Request #58822 · apple/swift · GitHub


Awesome! Thanks for the quick PR =]