Cmark tests fail during Swift toolchain compiling

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to compile the Swift toolchain. I was sticking to the official instruction and was able to build llvm, swift and cmark, but for some reason 7 of 9 tests for cmark got failed and the building process got terminated.

There is the gist of console output showing failed tests.

Software that I used:
macOS Catalina 10.15.4
Xcode 12.2 (12B45b)
cmake 3.19.1
Python 3.9.0
ninja 1.10.1
sccache 0.2.13

Hashes of sources:

"sourcekit-lsp": "4209242a84e65400fa2a90f00b41a2e7e9cd0b06", 
"swift-syntax": "e28671a7650bd54cc381dc21d75e214685f2ac48", 
"llbuild": "46210d4c9b9773db041cb642eac1358a992827a6", 
"swift-xcode-playground-support": "88043d7d320f92598efb39408c3f4b1903a4fff6", 
"indexstore-db": "65405a51039aa4b30b4066987f70133a6f1579bd", 
"swift-corelibs-xctest": "c21ac8497f842ccc3e42626832842d67b79fe7f9", 
"swiftpm": "4ab1f7c97dab7ae6aa01a4ce992ca76213a94a32", 
"swift-tools-support-core": "aab25103fa74f00ee4dc651c723f05b946395037", 
"cmake": "skip", 
"swift-driver": "cf363664ab0655f6bad6050439d1cc0c9b87c497", 
"yams": "81a65c4069c28011ee432f2858ba0de49b086677", 
"icu": "skip", 
"swift-corelibs-foundation": "7d521e42ba24fcc045f3bad067ff688d1714fa72", 
"llvm-project": "b74efaee3325d8879dba0152105325fb80cf67cc", 
"swift-argument-parser": "15351c1cd009eba0b6e438bfef55ea9847a8dc4a", 
"ninja": "a1f879b29c9aafe6a2bc0ba885701f8f4f19f772", 
"swift-integration-tests": "a1e748ff4016750aec16467ac6d79096f05115de", 
"swift": "887464b7b67d5202bfa7adc4e3f045ff1027a5a7", 
"swift-stress-tester": "790f155fcc6f257eeb2abf7a77b22912c929a710", 
"cmark": "9c8096a23f44794bde297452d87c455fc4f76d42", 
"swift-format": "a062ec84d3230f9b9055123c7bb2903780c84608", 
"swift-corelibs-libdispatch": "f13ea5dcc055e5d2d7c02e90d8c9907ca9dc72e1"

Also, let me know if this issue should be submitted to the Swift bugtracker or if this thread should be moved to another forum section.
Thank you all for your time!

Hi @agarmash,

I happened to come across the same problem about the cmark test failing. I am also using Python 3.9.* and I wonder if you have already solved the problem?

By the way, if you haven't yet, you can try adding --skip-test-cmark option to your build-script invocation to skip the cmark tests for now

Also, don't forget to run the update-checkout script and update your Xcode to 12.3 before you build the compiler again

Hope this helps.

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