CI for Packages on Windows & Android?

OK, I understand. But I would now try to add those arguments until it somehow compiles – I think an example project like this one that is referenced by the "Getting Started (Windows)" documentation should compile without hurdles and that should be done by someone who knows how to do it right. Maybe an example project is needed for each platform then. Do not understand me wrong, I am not trying to be lazy here or not willing to contribute.

-D CMAKE_Swift_FLAGS="-sdk <Path to SDK> -I <Path to SDK>/usr/lib/swift -L <Path to SDK>/usr/lib/swift/<os>"

The patch that I had to remove the need for the -I and -L parameter bit-rot before I could get it merged. The value is quite simply repetition, ideally, this would just be a single flag (-sdk <Path to SDK>).

There is no right way here - there are constant improvements being made, so its very easy to drift between master and the current release.

OK, clear enough, thank you. I tried to update the documentation and sent you pull requests for and Will try to keep it up-to-date for the "newest" version (= the version you would download when following the instructions on "Getting Started (Windows)") when things change.

Hey @SDGGiesbrecht,

Now that 5.2 has been finalized, I've archived a build from my Azure setup on GitHub. At the moment, it only has the MSIs and the exe installer. I am wondering if that is sufficient for you were working on or if you the tarball is necessary. The difference is is stark - the tarball is ~2G but the installer is ~300M. The individual MSIs are saved because the runtime and ICU are needed for re-distribution.

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Thanks for the heads up.

That also means a whole bunch of other tasks just budged in to the front of the line in my to‐do list. I will let you now when I get to this.

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