Chromium and Swift/C++ interop

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to see more work happening with Swift and C++ interoperability.

Within the Chromium project — specifically on iOS — we are very interested in these developments as we seek to integrate Swift into our existing (and sizable) Objective-C++ codebase. We see a lot of benefits to Swift and want to help this project be successful.

One key way I believe we can help is to provide a real-world project to serve as a test bed. The interoperability test harness in the Swift tree provides a good starting point, but what is missing is actual usage and requirements in the context of a living, breathing software project. We have already added some interoperability tests to our continuous builder waterfall, and we plan to add more over the coming quarters to identify and document Chromium’s needs for C++ interoperability and which needs are critical to our adoption. Having the tests on continuous builders further provides the ability to quickly identify regressions as we will build both the released Xcode tool chain as well as Tip of Trunk (ToT) Swift.

Our open source tests live in the iOS codebase and are being built with every commit. Note that while the results are observable on our waterfall, they are not part of our commit queue and do not block development if they fail.

Is this something that would be interesting to this work group?


Very exciting! It is always good to have more adopters providing us feedback and testing the project.

I want to make sure we're all on the same page here: this is very much an experimental project. In the short terms, we will break and change things. I don't want that to discourage you from adoption, I think your feedback will be invaluable, but do be warned.

Looking forward to connecting further on this. Thanks again for reaching out.