Casting from generic placeholder type T to Any? fails, when T resolves to Any?, when build with -swift-version 4.2

The following code produces different results when compiled with swift 5 compiler with -swift-version 4.2, and when compiled with either a swift 4.2 compiler or a swift 5 compiler(not using -swift-version).

Basically when in source code compatibility mode the casting from T to Any?(Optional) fails when T resolves to Any?.

func testfunc() -> T {

let anynil: Any? = nil
if let castedanynil = anynil as? T {
    print("casting successful")
else {
    print("casting failed")


let lala: Any? = testfunc()

Prints "casting failed" when build with swift 5 compiler with input sources version 4.2 e.g .swift -swift-version 4.2 test.swift
Prints "casting successful" in any other case
for example when complied with Apple Swift version 4.2.1 (swift-4.2.1-RELEASE), also prints "casting successful"

Is this a known bug? Can you suggest a good workaround?

Correct. The behavior changed in Swift 5 to address SR-4248.

As described in that bug:

...the change was initially made to Swift 4.2, however that accidentally caused a compatibility regression (SR-8704) so in Swift 5 the behaviour was limited to Swift 5 mode (with Swift 4.x modes using the old behaviour), which is the change described by the changelog.

Therefore, deliberately,

...the behavior of Swift 5 with -swift-version 4.2 is not compatible with Swift 4.2.x.

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