Capturing Facebook values in Swift/Xcode

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I've managed to link my app using Xcode/Swift (latest versions) to use Facebook authentication.
Using Graph requests I have managed to return my user Id, name, email etc.
What is the usual way to store these values to refer to in other areas of your app? I'm guessing you don't do a GraphRequest each time as this would be a lot of unnecessary calls, and you would typically store them in a variable or database? I want to be using what other developers would consider best practice.
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Surely someone is able to help me with this? This must be done in thousands of apps?!

This isn't really a good place for questions like this. This is the forum for the Swift language, so questions that aren't Swift specific won't receive much attention. I suggest you read Facebook's documentation and ask specific questions on StackOverflow.

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Noted - thank you for you response - I'll go onto Stack.

Within minutes I got a response :grinning:
Thanks again Jon.

If anyone is searching for this the answer I got was that the standard thing to do is to save it in UserDefault as a mode,l and use them where it's needed.

You could link to the place you got response.

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