Cannot Subscript Tuples with Keypaths

I was writing a nominal tuple type using variadic generics, so I could slap some conditional conformances on it, but apparently you can't implement a dynamicMember subscript on top of a tuple variable:

struct Tuple<each Element> {
    typealias Elements = (repeat each Element)
    var elements: Elements
    init(_ element: repeat each Element) {
        elements = (repeat each element)
    subscript<T>(dynamicMember keypath: WritableKeyPath<Elements, T>) -> T {
        _read {
            yield elements[keypath: keypath]
        _modify {
            yield &elements[keypath: keypath]

Gives me an - error: cannot access element using subscript for tuple type '(repeat each Element)'; use '.' notation instead
Which I think puts this idea to bed for now.

I really expected this to just work. I'm not sure why you can't apply keypaths to tuples.