Cannot log in in private browsing mode

(Martin R) #1

I cannot log in to this forum when the browser is in “private” mode. I am using Safari on macOS 10.13:

  • File -> New Private Window
  • Click on the “Log In” button
  • Enter User and Password, click “Log In”

There is no error message (such as a wrong password), but I am not logged-in. The forum's start page is presented again with “Sign Up" and “Log In” buttons.

(Jon Shier) #2

You're likely better off reporting this to or Apple's, as there may not be much the forum can do to affect Safari's private browsing behavior.

(Martin R) #3

You are right. I have now verified that it works correctly with Firefox on Windows, so it is a problem of Safari, not of this site. I apologize for the unnecessary noise.

(Saagar Jha) #4

I disagree: logging in in private browsing mode works on most other websites, so I think this is a Discourse bug and not a WebKit one.