Cannot log in in private browsing mode

I cannot log in to this forum when the browser is in “private” mode. I am using Safari on macOS 10.13:

  • File -> New Private Window
  • Click on the “Log In” button
  • Enter User and Password, click “Log In”

There is no error message (such as a wrong password), but I am not logged-in. The forum's start page is presented again with “Sign Up" and “Log In” buttons.

You're likely better off reporting this to or Apple's, as there may not be much the forum can do to affect Safari's private browsing behavior.

You are right. I have now verified that it works correctly with Firefox on Windows, so it is a problem of Safari, not of this site. I apologize for the unnecessary noise.

I disagree: logging in in private browsing mode works on most other websites, so I think this is a Discourse bug and not a WebKit one.