Can we have a section for newbies-newbies?

As said: Can we have a section for newbies? A place to post stupid questions (for seasoned developers) that dont deserve to be in the main forums... a place for elementary topics, etc. I have felt constrained to post questions here thatI know would be simple for the majority of people here, or be flagged down as trollish. Thanks.

I don't think this will happen any time soon. You can use Using Swift for that, just annotate your topic with a custom tag newcomer. I think others will understand and respect that. ;)


@Nicole_Jacque would probably have more specific answers, but my feeling is that this category is the official place for all the Swift related questions. It is in general very hard to tell in advance what question is too simple or stupid. So don't worry and just post it. Custom tag (if possible) would definitely help, but not strictly necessary.

We discussed something like this when re-organizing the forums, but ultimately it didn't seem like there was that much traffic in the Using Swift category to warrant sub categories. Also, ultimately, you want non-newbies seeing those questions to answer them -- and it's unlikely you'd get that much visibility if we sectioned things off into a newbie section.

So please, post in Using Swift -- asking the question will get it out there and hopefully answer the question for people who come along later!


Thank y'all.

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I've updated the category blurb for Using Swift to be more welcoming of newbie questions, and I'll look at putting together some "getting started" links or content.