Can I use LocalizedStringKey for UIKit views?

I'm wrapping a UITextField in a SwiftUI view using UIViewRepresentable protocol; I'd like to pass a LocalizedStringKey to the underlying UITextField 's placeholder . Something like:

An extension to avoid hardcode strings and easily lookup all localizable strings in the code:

extension LocalizedStringKey {
    let search: LocalizedStringKey = "search"


The custom text field:

struct SuperTextField: UIViewRepresentable {

    let placeholder: LocalizedStringKey

    // all UIViewRepresentable methods

    func updateUIView(_ uiView: UITextField, context: Context) {
        uiView.placeholder = placeholder // of course this doesn't compile as textField placeholder is a simple `String`


The usage I'd like to have:

SuperTextField(placeholder: .search) // use auto infer

I don't think at the moment this is possible as LocalizedStringKey doesn't expose the string used to initialize it... Any other good approach?

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