Call for thesis topics

Hi everyone,

As part of my efforts to get more students involved with the Swift community, I'd like to come up with a few thesis topics to offer them.

Some context:

  • I teach at the HOGENT University of Applied Sciences in Belgium.
  • We teach an Applied Computer Science curriculum, so students lack the theoretical background they would get from an academic CS curriculum. The focus is on software development and systems administration.
  • The goal of a thesis will be to explore new technologies, research their potential applications, features, performance, .... and possibly do a comparative study or build a proof-of-concept. So definitely not an academic thesis focused on scientific research, and also not pure development work. The result of a thesis should be a text, not just code.
  • Students will apply for their preferred topics in upcoming Fall semester, and the actual work will be performed next Spring (Feb-May).
  • Every thesis topic should come with a mentor, who should be able to answer the student's technical questions. I will handle all the administrative work.

Last year, I had four students explore Swift for IoT (Arduino / Raspberry Pi) and SwiftWasm, with mostly positive results. I'd love to make this a yearly thing!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me personally or leave a reply here, and we can explore them further.

Best regards,


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