C++ Interop workgroup sync up (10th of May 2023)

Hi members of the @cxx-interop-workgroup,

I would like to invite you to a new C++ interop workgroup sync-up meeting. This is the agenda for this meeting:

  • Look over the draft of the interop progress recap post for the Swift 5.8 release
  • Discuss and plan for C++ interop documentation on swift.org
  • Look over updated strategy for versioning interop
  • Discuss the priorities and strategize for the Swift 5.9 release
    • What should be must fixes, how to track these issues.
    • What are some of the potential must-fixes for complete Windows support

And, if time permits:

  • Discuss move-only type support
  • Discuss draft of design for improved smart pointer support

This sync-up is scheduled for Wednesday , the 10th of May 2023, at 10:05 AM PDT (5:05 PM UTC). The meeting will start at 10:05 AM sharp, and will end at 10:55 AM.

Meeting Invite