C++ Interop - Protobuffer C++ objects causing compiler crashed (Signal 11)

Created a test Protobuf object that looks like

package proto.xray;
option java_package = "com.test.proto";
option java_outer_classname = "xray";

option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;

message TestProto {
  optional string stack_counts = 2;
  optional string body = 3;
  optional string tracer_id = 4;
  optional string span_id = 5;
  optional int32 cpu_ms = 6;

and then generated the associated .pb.h and .pb.cc files using protoc based off the proto file. Enabled Cxx interop and imported the module associated with the generated c++ files. I'm able to write
proto.self and proto.xray.self but the moment I attempt to do proto.xray.TestProto I immediately receive a Signal 11 failure during compilation.

Swift version 5.9.2

Final error in the stack trace looks to be something to do with importing 'google::protobuf::Arena::InternalHelper' . Unsure what this is implying. Hopefully someone has an idea on this.