Build from source and create redistributable binaries

I am able to build swift from source as detailed in GitHub - apple/swift: The Swift Programming Language. Build output is in ./build/Ninja-RelWithDebInfoAssert (Linux Debian x86_64). How to create redistributable output - similar to downloadable binaries:

You need to use:


It will do everything for you to produce that.

I am going to add a little documentation to the main README on how to do that.... 1 sec.

@0x900 What do you think of this improvement to the main README page. Would it have answered all of your questions:

(Keep in mind I haven't commited this PR yet, but I wanted your opinion).

EDIT: I updated the link since I fixed the formatting a little bit.


@Michael_Gottesman, you could also explain how to:

  • add the toolchain to $PATH on macOS and Linux;
  • use the toolchain with xcrun and xcodebuild;
  • delete installed toolchains from within Xcode.

Updated README page looks good.
Thank you.

I have to move on from this (schedules, etc.). If you have a patch, I can review.

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