Bridged NSArray crashing in Swift 5.7 beta

Hoping to bring some light to a scary Swift 5.7 beta crash so it’s fixed before launch. Affecting our users on iOS16 beta 4. Regression: Concurrent read from __SwiftDeferredNSArray crashing in Swift 5.7 · Issue #60418 · apple/swift · GitHub

Concurrently reading from a Swift Array bridged to NSArray can crash. We can reliably repro on iPad with the following sample code:

let arraySize = 10_000 // large size appears to matter, maybe takes longer to load backing buffer for __SwiftDeferredNSArray?
let array = Array(repeating: 1, count: arraySize)
let nsArray = array as NSArray
DispatchQueue.concurrentPerform(iterations: 10) { _ in
    _ = nsArray.object(at: 0)