Breakpoints are ignored when trying to Debug XCFramework

I have an Xcode workspace with two projects, a framework source code and a sample app that imports the compiled framework.
Moving to XCFramework, once the XCFramework is imported to the sample app I'm no longer able to debug my framework when running the sample app.
I'm guessing that Xcode is missing some symbols but I'm not sure if this is a limitation, a bug or am I doing something wrong.

I suspect that it got something to do with the 'archive' mandatory command when using the initial 'xcodebuild' but I'm not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey @Shasoosh I found a solution to that. breakpoint debugging while using xcframework, I posted it here dSYM support for SE-0272 Package Manager Binary Dependencies . I hope it helps

Thanks @quentinfasquel
I didn't tried your suggestion but I did noticed this:

Updates in Xcode 12 Beta 3

  • XCFrameworks can now include .dSYM and .bcsymbolmap debugging symbol files in your library bundle with the -debug-symbols flag. Run the command xcodebuild -create-xcframework -help for additional usage information. (64910707)

I'm guessing this will be a lot simpler now.

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