Blacklist UIKit, SpriteKit, Cocoa, etc keywords

We’re getting more and more off-topic threads about iOS or MacOS specific frameworks that tbh have nothing to do with Swift and belong on the Apple dev forums or somewhere else. Can we show a warning to “new” users if any of these words show up in a thread title or body?


I still do not see the purported problem with these threads. There is more to than just Evolution and Dev. Specifically, there is Using Swift, which is exactly what the people asking these questions are doing.

They are using Swift.

So they post their questions about using Swift in the forum titled Using Swift. Sure, they also happen to be using certain libraries and frameworks. So what?

If someone sees such a thread and doesn’t want to read it, they can simply…not read it. If someone reads such a thread and doesn’t know the answer, they can simply…not reply.

I really don’t see the problem.


if you read some of these threads they have little to no relevance to the Swift language itself. This question is literally asking about how to use an iPhone API.

There’s a difference between asking questions about the language where the context is an iOS framework, and asking questions about iOS frameworks themselves.


I have removed the post as it was a violation of the Swift Code of Conduct.


I basically agree. On the other site I can understand questions like this. The question is based on objective-c and some part of swift is its interoperability with objective-c. But the question itself does not have to do that much with swift. How should we handle questions like that?

An update of the forum guidelines or a new area “Using swift with iOS / macOS / tvOS….” would be the best solution. Directing people to an dedicated space, that is meant for questions like that.


I wonder if we should flag such topics or is it enough just to tag them with an #off-topic tag?

Edit: Ah we got a new flag to report off-topic threads, great.