/bin/swift-frontend -frontend -c emits too much information


I am maintaining an old, large codebase. Our CI is failing, and I am trying to figure out what precisely the issue is. We are basically using what should be standard tools, i.e. Xcode and fastlane.

I my search I have noticed is that after the invocation of bin/swift-frontend -frontend -c, a lot of info is generated:
For every property, three log lines of getter setter and _modify accessor are output, and I consider this spamming the log.

What is this info?
How can I silence it?
Or, is this indicative of some sort of error?

This should not be output on its own, but rather as part of a diagnostic. Do you have some kind of filtering applied on your logs like xcpretty that may be adulterating the output of the compiler? Are you able to see proper diagnostics if you run this locally?

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Thank you!

All I was doing is piping the output through tee. When locally running

xcodebuild -workspace MyApp.xcworkspace -scheme MyScheme -configuration AppStore -destination 'generic/platform=iOS' -archivePath ./archive/MyApp.1.0.0.xcarchive clean archive

the same output is produced. As far as I looked, I do not see any verbose logging enabled. Would you have any hint in what to look for?

The warnings show up when building in Xcode, too. Like this:

1.40ms	${PATH}/myfile.swift:17:9	didSet observer displayInfo
0.04ms	${PATH}/myfile.swift:13:32	getter nameLabel
0.02ms	${PATH}/myfile.swift:13:32	setter nameLabel
0.02ms	${PATH}/myfile.swift:13:32	_modify accessor nameLabel


Someone had added -debug-time-function-bodies to the project. This caused the output!

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