Best way to initialize very large static array, sorted?

I have some very large static array must be sorted. What's the best way to do it?

// 1 this doesn't compile
//let list = [4, 23, 345, 5985, 34, 32, 2].sort()     // error: cannot use mutating member on immutable value of type '[Int]'

// 2  This work, but my actual list is very large, better not have to make another copy?
let list = [4, 23, 345, 5985, 34, 32, 2].sorted()

// 3 is this better? but is so verbose 
let listDeux: [Int] = {
    var result = [4, 23, 345, 5985, 34, 32, 2]
    return result


Does you list come from some sort of code generator? Can you sort it inside the code generator?

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I think #2 and #3 are pretty much equivalent, once optimized: sorted() is inlinable, and its implementation is pretty much that of #3. To be 100% sure, you'll need to compile with optimizations and check the disassembly.


Yes I'm talking about my code generator. The need to sort is inside my code generator: this list is manually entered, I need to made sure it's sorted before I generate my code output.

But the question is in general what's the best way to do this?