Best way to create a new “blank page” for a WYSIWYG text processor

I'm trying to discover which would the best alternative to code a word processor, organized by chapters, pages, folders... but I'm stuck in the part when the user is reaching the end of the page after N lines and then I need to create a new "blank page" like in Pages. This is kinda WYSIWYG.

Which do you think guys will be the best way to do that?

Hi! You're posting to the forum category for discussing implementation of Swift's core libraries, which is to say, Foundation, Dispatch, and XCTest—I've moved your post to the "Using Swift" category because it doesn't relate to developing those libraries.

It looks like you also posted the same question last week?

Yes, since nobody answer I thought that maybe the question was in the incorrect section.

Thank you for moving the topic, maybe I can delete the older one.