Best resources for a complete beginner?

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is the incorrect place for this question.
Im trying to pivot the direction of my career away from system administration to programming. My College had very few courses on programming when I was attending so my base skills aren't strong.

Ive been reading Matt Neuburg's ios 15 programming fundamentals with swift but I wonder if there is something else I should be reading/supplementing my reading with.

What resources would you recommend?

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Hacking with Swift is your best friend! More specifically, the 100 Days of SwiftUI course (all content on the website is free).

If you need more of a basic refresh on programming in general (the aforementioned course goes relatively quickly on the basics), check out Apple's Developing in Swift Fundamentals in iBooks (also free).

Let me know if you have any questions!


This course is pretty good:

It covers Swift and SwiftUI (older versions of it cover UIKit). Its assignments are pretty interesting: it has practical assignments (projects to be developed) and also reading ones (studying the official language guide, the API Design guidelines, and also the human interface guidelines).

The practical assignments can be challenging, but are really good at teaching how to program for iOS.

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