Beginner Idea, Dynamic Background, need a jumpstart

Hello everyone,

sorry if I have a stupid question but I'm just working my way into iPhone programming.

I would like to create a dynamic background where points (filled circles) move randomly. If two or more points fall below a certain distance, the circles should be connected with a line.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to start, it would be very kind if someone could give me some tips on the general handling of solving such problems.

thank you for your help

The first advice is "turn big problems into several smaller ones".
For your specific problem, I'd start with drawing some circles on the screen.
You could do this with UIViews, CALayers, CoreGraphics - or, if you are actually more interested in quickly finishing the whole task - SpriteKit.

Hi Tino,

No I want to go the "hard" way to learn something myself.
UIViews, CALayers, CoreGraphics are just such keywords I'm looking for, thank you.
I was also wondering if the Game Kit template would work for me. maybe I can use the available functions to check the distance between the points.


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