AVQueuePlayer won't stop playing

If a person presses the button 10 times, then they will hear 10 different lists of songs being played continuously. I want it to be that if a person presses 10 times, they will only be listening to one list of songs. I'm basically trying to create a reset button.

import AVFoundation

class TestAVQueuViewController: UIViewController {

var myQueuePlayer: AVQueuePlayer?
var avItems: [AVPlayerItem] = []

override func viewDidLoad() {

    // assuming I have 4 .mp3 files in the bundle, named:
    let mySongs: [String] = [
        "clip1", "clip2", "clip3", "clip4",

    for clip in mySongs {
        guard let url = Bundle.main.url(forResource: clip, withExtension: ".mp3") else {
            // mp3 file not found in bundle - so crash!
            fatalError("Could not load \(clip).mp3")
        avItems.append(AVPlayerItem(url: url))


@IBAction func didTap(_ sender: Any) {
    // if first time
    if myQueuePlayer == nil {
        // instantiate the AVQueuePlayer with all avItems
        myQueuePlayer = AVQueuePlayer(items: avItems)
    } else {
        // stop the player and remove all avItems
        // add all avItems back to the player
        avItems.forEach {
            myQueuePlayer?.insert($0, after: nil)
    // seek to .zero (in case we added items back in)
    myQueuePlayer?.seek(to: .zero)
    // start playing


Probably better to ask over at the Apple dev forums or other Apple-specific sites since AVFoundation is an Apple private framework.