Attempting to put crosshairs on magnifying class


I am a novice when it comes to coding in Swift. If you could help me that would be amazing!

Below is my class on magnifying a UIView that the user taps on. I am currently attempting to put either a crosshair or some indicator to show the user where the center of that magnification is but all my attempts failed where the view would either not draw the crosshair or throw me an error. If you could give me some advice, that would be amazing! Thank you!

Although you are writing your code in Swift, you are asking about Apple-private frameworks, which are not really the subject of these forums (the open-source Swift language and infrastructure that is applicable to all platforms, not just Apple platforms). You would get more attention if you asked at Apple-specific resources such as the Apple developer forums, StackOverflow, or other Apple programming resources.

Thank you! I'll ask this in another platform!