Atlas Page Destroyed

Any insight to this error I keep getting:

2020-06-03 07:54:47.563780-0700 MyApp[12631:3606126] [VKDefault] TextureAtlasPage: Atlas page destroyed with outstanding references.: Assertion with expression - _textureRefs == 0 : Failed in file - /Library/Caches/ line - 604

Hi @flmcl, could you provide more details and steps that would help people reproduce your error? What exactly are you trying to do that triggers it? Is this related to Swift specifically? What are the versions of your tools and OS? Is this reproducible with a specific source code snipppet? If so, could you attach that snippet here please?

Hi Max, thanks for looking at this. I just realized the same error comes up as I have outlined in: Map Zoom Not updated

@flmcl were you able to resolve this error? I'm seeing the exact same error happen after dismissing a view controller with a map view.

I created a new single view app project. I opened the provided storyboard. I embedded the view controller inside a navigation view controller. I added another view controller.. I added a map view inside this second view controller. I added a button on the first view controller to push to the second view controller.

Run the project and tap the button to get pushed to the second view controller. After tapping the back button, you get this "Atlas Page Destroyed" error multiple times.

Thanks sorry no luck yet, the app still seems to run alright so i am thinking of submitting my app to apple.

Not sure how this fixed the problem but the error went away.

.frame(width: .infinity, height: 8, alignment: .center)

this is what I changed it to:

.frame(minWidth: 0, maxWidth: .infinity, alignment: .center)

Thanks alot