Arrays - Russian dolls... how much can I ditch in my own stdlib if i don't care about supporting classes or objc?

I worked on a stripped-down stdlib for my Swift-on-Classic-Mac project, and Array was one of the types I touched the least—mainly because as you say it's so complicated. The main things I cut out were some helpers that were only used in ObjC modes, plus the empty array singleton. But there wasn't much to that.

Now, Array is implemented in terms of classes, since that's how it gets its copy-on-write behavior. But for your embedded stdlib, you may not care about that, and might be willing to forego the resource management aspect. In that case, you can get away with just using UnsafeBufferPointer for quite a lot. And if you want to build your own simpler Array, you might be able to do it by starting with ManagedBuffer and building it up from scratch.