Are there open source SwiftPM integration tests that Xcode runs too?

I have been running into a lot of issues with Xcode 11 (mostly involving non‐English packages). Packages that have been working flawlessly in the package manager for years (and still do) are suddenly broken on multiple levels when Xcode tries to load them (package names, dependency URLs, module names, generated bundle identifiers...). I started reporting them through feedback assistant, but I realized it would probably be a more efficient use of both my time and that of Xcode’s support staff if I were able to simply create the meanest Unicode wielding sample package I can dream up and submit it to use as a test fixture.

But since Xcode is not open source, I would have to do it from the package manager side. So the question for those in the know is this: Are there test fixtures that are common to both SwiftPM and Xcode that I can send a pull request to, in order to help Xcode indirectly?

Hey @SDGGiesbrecht! There's no publicly known set of common text fixtures but I think having such a test fixture in SwiftPM repository will be a very valuable and it'll be easy for libSwiftPM clients (such as Xcode) to access and incorporate it in their test suites. Feel free to open a PR (it should probably go in Tests/FunctionalTests/MiscellaneousTests.swift).

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