Are there any simple example with NavigationLink that needs a binding?

I was looking into TicTacToe project. Is there any simpler example in how to use navigation link with binding.

In this example, when the user clicks on the login button. If the information is correct, a binding is needed to navigate to the next screen. Code snippet from the project:

          destination: IfLetStore(
   \.twoFactor, action: Login.Action.twoFactor)
          ) {
            TwoFactorView(store: $0)
          isActive: viewStore.binding(
            get: \.isTwoFactorActive,
            send: {
              _ = UIApplication.shared.sendAction(
                #selector(UIResponder.resignFirstResponder), to: nil, from: nil, for: nil
              return $0 ? .loginButtonTapped : .twoFactorDismissed
        ) {
          Text("Log in")
          if viewStore.isActivityIndicatorVisible {

I'm finding it difficult to follow how this is actually navigating to NewGameView if the user did not have to go through 2FA. It looks likes it will always go to TwoFactorView and then navigate to NewGameView? I'm really confused tbh.

Is there an associated PointFree video for this project? The decision making while writing this feature might help in understanding this logic.

Essentially, isn't it possible to just have a state e.g. state.loginSuccessful, which is flipped to true at successful login. We can then maybe use this state to flip a @State binding to true and navigate to another screen?


if viewStore.loginSuccessful {
    loginSuccessful = true // State variable