Are any members offering freelance gigs?

My apologies if I am breaking any rules. I'm trying to find a Swift developer and figured the best place to do so would be on the Swift forums. If you are looking for a side gig my startup would love to hire you. Thanks!

i would expect many Swift developers on this forum would be open to work, however, you should provide more information about the role than just “a side gig” at “my startup”, if you want to get any responses. in particular, you should provide detailed information about compensation, including how the compensation will be paid out, and what guarantees can be made about the liquidity of the business, given the well-known risks of accepting a role at a startup company.

Thanks Taylor for your input. What I meant by side gig is paying by the hour, to help with implement a few new features. Not to hire as an employee.

stable salaried positions are the norm in our field, and it seems unlikely that you will find many competent Swift developers willing to work for you on an hourly basis. you may also want to know that in general, from a cash-flow standpoint, it is a bad idea to hire software developers on a temporary basis because feature development can take a highly variable amount of time, and you could easily end up paying for a project that took 3–9x longer than anticipated. because of this, most business owners opt to hire software developers on a semi-permanent basis, rather than outsource individual programming tasks.

Hi Taylor, thank you for your feedback and advice, I very much appreciate it!

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I don't know that I can agree with that. Certainly, salaried positions have a number of advantages, and there might even be a majority that prefer them, at least from the developers side. But I think saying that you either won't find developers that would take on consulting work or that those developers would not be "competent" is stretching the truth quite a bit.

I certainly have happily worked on a few projects on an hourly basis, and although for myself I prefer the stable salaried position I'm in now, I personally know a number of developers that do in fact prefer to work more independently, and I'm sure the ones I know are neither incompetent, nor the only ones.

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To start with, you could add where you are looking for freelancers — even if it is a remote job (there is more than USA ;-)

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