Archival & Serialization: What's meant by contrasting type un/safety of existing JSON serializers?

(Jeremy W. Sherman) #1

What does the Archival & Serialization SE-0166 mean by:

Some libraries, like SwiftyJSON, do this [interface between JSON and

Swift] at the cost of type safety; others, like ObjectMapper and Argo
below, maintain type safety by offering archival functionality for JSON
types (

I missed the review period (mea culpa), but I'd like to understand where
the authors are coming from here.

My first questions were:

- How is SwiftyJSON type-unsafe?
- How does "offering archival functionality for JSON types" as in Argo or
ObjectMapper recover type-safety?

On further thought, I don't think type-un/safety is what's at play here,
but I'm having trouble working out what was meant by that so I can rephrase
in my own terms. Perhaps one of the authors can elaborate?



Jeremy W. Sherman