.appending method in the standard library for arrays

Strange there's no appending method on immutable arrays apart from using a plus operator.


+ is the outlier, isn’t it. There’s no similar methods on Sets or Dictionaries either, though NSArray and NSSet and NSDictionary have some.

If I were to assign meaning to this, it would be that the lack of copy-and-change methods encourages people to use mutation, which is often more efficient / easier to optimize. But sometimes you really do just want “the same dictionary with one value removed” or whatever.


Speaking of, given that you can't look up operator definitions anymore, where are these overloads defined? I didn't think they were in the standard library!

(1...2) + [3, 4]
["🍔"] + CollectionOfOne("🍟")

These come from RangeReplaceableCollection, which offers a few overloads:

The first two handle arbitrary Sequences on either side of the + (which is what allows your first example to work — ClosedRange is a Sequence, but not a RangeReplaceableCollection), and the last handles combining two RangeReplaceableCollections together.

This might be a reasonable place to start adding -ing methods to.

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