Append a class object to an array of class objects

I have a class named AM_Template

From that I created a class variable named AM_line and put some values into the variables within the class. The initializer is an integer, i0. For example,

var AM_line = AM_Template(i0: 0)

AM_line.CallSign = “WABC” where CallSign is a variable in the class object AM_line

Then I created a class array

var AM: [AM_Template]

Now I want to append AM_line to AM

The statement I am using is …


But I get an error and a suggestion.

The error is…

Value of optional type 'AM_Template?' must be unwrapped to a value of type 'AM_Template'

Selecting the first choice suggestion, the statement changes to …

AM.append(AM_line ?? <#default value#> )

When I am dealing with a class object, and when that class object requires an initial value (for example i0:0)

What do I put in place of <#default value#> to remove the error and make it work?

Same suggestion here IRT naming and triple quoting with ```

Your's AM_Template type's init is "failable" (i.e. it is "init?(....)" instead of "init(...)")

Use one of these:

var defaultLine = AM_Template(i0: some good value)!

1. var line = AM_Template(i0: 0) ?? defaultLine

2. guard var line = AM_Template(i0: 0) else { ... } // ... for return or throw or fatalError()

3. if var line = AM_Template(i0: 0) {
        ... use line here
4. var line = AM_Template(i0: 0)! // will crash on nil