Any LDAP module on Linux?

Hello everyone,

As a C#/Java backend developer, I've been recently exploring server-side development using alternative languages.
At present, my development environment revolves around VSCode and Dev Containers extension,
allowing me to connect to the official Swift Docker container(swift:5.8).

My current project involves replicating several functionalities from our existing Java backend as a Proof of Concept.
In this context, I'm in search of an LDAP package that works seamlessly with Linux.
This package should support tasks such as authentication, user and group info retrieval, group management, and account unlocking.

One package I came across is Perfect-LDAP, available at PerfectLDAP – Swift Package Index.
However, I encountered an error message "error: cannot find 'memset' in scope." during build.
It's worth noting that this package is only compatible with Swift 4.0 and is no longer receiving updates.

Therefore, I'd like to inquire if there are any alternative options available.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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While I haven't been using LDAP with Swift myself, a quick search on GitHub comes up with this:

Hi, rhx:
Thank you for your response.

I encountered some anomalies earlier with the following errors:
"Stop reason: Fatal error: Error raised at top level: [LDAPError] Other (e.g., implementation specific) error
Stop reason: signal SIGILL: illegal instruction operand"
I haven't found the exact cause yet.

Unfortunately, this repository currently does not implement the write operation.
I will continue my research and even consider implementing this part in the future.