Announcing release process for Swift 4.2

Hi everyone,

With Swift 4.1 winding down (only taking critical bug fixes) I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to Swift 4.2. I just posted some details on the release process for 4.2 on

Similar to Swift 4.1, Swift 4.2 is a re-branch from master and will be a vehicle for delivering significant enhancements and bug fixes to the compiler and Standard Library to users. It serves as a waypoint release to Swift 5, rolling out important changes related to the Swift ABI and allowing time for feedback on those changes before they are burned permanently into the ABI.

Progress on ABI stability has been fantastic, which can be seen in the ABI Dashboard on I’ll also be looking to have the dashboard updated with more information over the next couple weeks to provide additional detail on the progress ABI stability has been making.



Hi Ted,
What’s your best guess when the Swift 4.1 branch is released?

There was one change that was taken today, but there is a good chance that’s the last one. The branch is only taking fixes for show stopper issues at this point.