[ANN] CeedNumerics released (SN's ShapedArray API discussion)

What problems are you having with key paths?


I have advice for you. Name it "Numiracle" :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great question @Joe_Groff! (And sorry about saying something without providing useful details.) KeyPaths themselves are reasonable for their functionality, but in order to build more powerful abstractions on top of them, we needed to extend KeyPath functionality (e.g. with KeyPathIterable.) There are definitely things I think we can improve in the design and implementation of the key path extensions, but I also think we could benefit from improvements to KeyPath's themselves, such as the ability to debug what a constructed KeyPath refers to more easily. (e.g. The ability to print out a representation of the path to debug.) We currently are focused on improving the performance of S4TF (due to TF-side / C++ side inefficiencies), so we aren't pushing on this at the moment. I hope this helps, and please feel free to reach out with additional questions if you have them! :-)

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