Allow `self = x` in class convenience initializers

(Slava Pestov) #21

In a non-final class, a designated initializer can be called as part of a super.init delegation from a derived class. The "self" value is going to be a partially initialized instance of the derived class in this case, with the derived class's stored properties already initialized but nothing else. It wouldn't make sense to replace "self" with a fully initialized instance while it is in this state.

(Joe Groff) #22

I have a prototype implementation here:

(Philippe Hausler) #23

I am quite glad there is movement on this! It will definitely help swift-corelibs-foundation be not only more efficient but also work more in-line with the objc implementation for factory style initializers.

Per the designated initializer case it would be nice to allow this if and only if the type of self == the type that was allocated (e.g. a runtime check for the non-final case that Slava brought up). That change would allow SCLF to implement every case that should be a factory pattern.

(Joe Groff) #24

Supporting that would require some fancier control-flow-sensitive analysis than we current do for definite initialization, since we'd have to ensure that a self = assignment only occurred in a context where it was known that Self == ConcreteClass. Maybe if we a type-refining cast feature like like what @grego proposes here we could confine self-assignments in a designated initializer to if <Self == C> condition blocks.

(Adrian Zubarev) #25

Slightly off-topic, but would it make sense to add a similar feature to Swift like instancetype from Objective-C. That type should bound the currently unconstrained Self to something that you just mentioned Self == C. This is really a missing feature for factory initializer in the context of designated initializers and it would also allow new and safe generic patterns to be expressed in Swift. What do you think @Joe_Groff?

(Jordan Rose) #26

Self is instancetype. Factory initializers are interesting in that they do not always return instancetype.

(David Hart) #27

What's the update on this proposal? Anything blocking it?

(Joe Groff) #28

I haven't had time to finish the implementation. There are still a few issues with the implementation in that need to be fixed to get the tests passing.

(Jeremy Saklad) #29

This would be particularly helpful for classes that represent Core Data entities, as it would allow you to define initializers that use NSFetchRequests to retrieve information.