Alamofire 5.2 Released!

We shipped Alamofire 5.2.0 today with two major features and a variety of other enhancements and bug fixes.

Combine Support

Alamofire now includes three types of Publisher that can be used to publish responses from all Alamofire requests. This means that Alamofire has support for parallel and sequential requests for the first time. If you've used Alamofire before, the syntax should be very familiar, as the publisher just replaces the closure-based response handlers in the request chain.

    .publishDecodable(type: HTTPBinResponse.self)

This produces a DataResponsePublisher that will automatically start the request when a subscriber is added and provide a single DataResponse<HTTPBinResponse, AFError> value. These values can then be transformed using any Combine operator, as well as a few built in modifiers that can pull the Result value or create a value stream.


AuthenticationInterceptor is a RequestInterceptor designed to automatically handle applying authentication to URLRequests as well as retrying failed requests, with users providing only the base logic necessary to apply and refresh. AuthenticationInterceptor takes care of the hard part of enqueuing retries while waiting for a refresh, handling all of the thread-safety for you automatically. Users just need to provide a type conforming to the Authenticator protocol, which provides the AutenticationInterceptor with the logic it needs.

Our documentation includes a brief example of what that would look like for OAuth2.

More Flexible Response Handlers

Alamofire 5.2.0 also adds the ability to pass all serializer parameters through response handlers, so you can customize the serializer without having to create a separate instance.

DisabledEvaluator Renamed to DisableTrustEvaluator

This rename has deprecated the old name but the type is unchanged. However, it's usually a better idea to enable the trust of your self signed certificates than to disable trust evaluation, so this type should only be a last resort.

Interceptor Can Now Be Composed of Multiple RequestInterceptors

The Interceptor type has been enhanced to handle multiple RequestInterceptor instances, in addition to separate RequestAdapter and RequestRetrier instances. This should make it much easier to compose multiple RequestInterceptors together.


I need to know hoe to implement ssl pinning in alamofire 5 before this in alamofire 4 i was implemented very successfully.

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