Alamofire 5.0.0-beta.5 has been released!

(Jon Shier) #1

Alamofire 5 approaches completion with the release of our fifth beta today. This release is largely bug fixes and open / public API audits, as you can see in our release notes. With this release, Alamofire 5 is now feature complete and API stable. We'll be working on documentation in preparation for a final 5.0.0 release soon!

The biggest change since beta 1 was released in December is the requirement of Xcode 10.2 and Swift 5, along with its Result type, allowing us to remove Alamofire's Result type (we'll be directing any users missing the old functionality here!). In addition, we've extended Alamofire's retry pipeline to include response serialization, so now even the bodies of responses can trigger retry. We expect this to become a powerful extension of Alamofire's retry capability for advanced users.

Overall, there have been many enhancements since beta 1, such as:

  • Per-Request redirect handling.
  • Per-Request cache handling.
  • Totally redesigned retry capabilities, including built in retriers for common error scenarios, including lost connections.
  • Flexible empty response handling using the EmptyResponse protocol.
  • The AlamofireExtended protocol and af extension point, where useful extensions for types Alamofire doesn't own will live.
  • Additional lifetime events for a Request's URLSessionTasks.
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