Adding Swift Forums to iPhone/iPad Home Screen

(James Froggatt) #21

Interesting. I’m using the dark theme on iOS.

(Lukas Stabe 🙃) #22

It still doesn’t go full-screen from the home screen though, I assume because of the weird quotes.

(Nicole Jacque) #23

Ok try now, I’ve made an update that should handle both light and dark themes.

(Lukas Stabe 🙃) #24

It’s working nicely now, thanks 🎉

(Ryan Lovelett) #25

The new icon and “app” mode are working for me.

Thank you @Nicole_Jacque for working on this.

(Nicole Jacque) #26

Awesome, thanks for confirming!

(Félix Fischer) #27

If using the web app on the home screen, can I log in with GitHub? So far, it gives me this, right after I do Log In ~> with GitHub

(James Froggatt) #28

This is a known bug, brought up here:

(Félix Fischer) #29

Ohhh, I see. It’s a beta thing then. No problem, thanks for pointing it out! :)

(James Froggatt) #30

External links, opened in the web app, currently open in place. Web apps have no gesture/button to go back a page, so external links should really be opening in Safari.

Is this a simple fix?


Does the Open all external links in a new tab forum setting work for that?

(James Froggatt) #32

I seem to have that enabled already.

(Sam) #33

Note, we are considering doing a custom WKWebView instead of SFSafariViewController. SFSafariViewController is pretty buggy on the iPhone X cause lots of times as you are navigating around it is not allowing properly for the height of the page leading to a bunch of pixels being hidden behind the address bar. The major advantage of using SFSafariViewController is gone in iOS 11 cause it has a seperate cookie store (which resolved a mountain of bugs btw).

If we had a custom web panel it would work a lot nicer I think and we could reduce a bunch of Chrome and workaround “swipe left” / “swipe right” being arbitrarily brutally slow.

(JoanneWillian) #34

I will try to add a meta tag but don't know if it works on all iPad models.